The world is changing. It is getting warmer. Future shock is upon us. Much of the old world and thought is no longer questioned. It’s just gone. Religion is of ever less importance in our lives. Human population is getting bigger. There are an awful lot of us. Morality is going through some fundamental changes. The transgendered bathroom thing in schools is because we have already accepted that our children have a choice of being male or female.

There are something around eleven million illegal aliens in this country. Our politics are torn between normalizing this or awkwardly deporting these mostly good folks.

What is the weight of the word “ILLEGAL”. Do we have law governing who can enter this country or do we not. The real choice is to enforce the law we have, fundamentally change it, or eliminate it. If we enforce it the illegal immigrants MUST go. If we eliminate it then we have no borders. We can stop wasting money with border crossing guards. The process of unrestricted entry can only accelerate if it is not stopped.

At what point does all of this this go very, very wrong? I think we are well past the point of very, very wrong. A decision must be made. Deport illegals, or offer them full benefit of citizenship.

A serious question then arises;

Who do we accept as new Americans. Ummm. ….. Just Mexicans? Just Spanish speaking? Just over the southern border? Just Spanish and Islamic’s? Anyone that can land on a borderline beach? Space aliens?

Yes we are a nation of immigrants. Some not of their own choosing. Thing is the world was smaller then. Back in the day when we had the immigration that built this country. The world was simpler and smaller, least wise in terms of human population. It took years for middle Asians to walk from Central Asia to populate the America’s. Truth is that there were not very many of them. There was no existing human law, borders, or support system that could welcome and support them. It wasn’t a whole lot different when Europeans began coming. The newbies had to adapt to the realities of the new land or die. It was a hard journey at best. Their children did not get medical care and education unless the parents provided it.

Borders, laws. And nations developed.

Africans could have been enticed here by the same things that brought Europeans but they were not. Spanish farmers needed cheap labor to get rich quick. The easy way to do that was to revert to the grand old tradition of slavery. Forced labor for no reward. Everything that my nigger makes is mine. Five hundred years later that one leaves us with a huge problem. The legacy of slavery. A necessity for legal fairness doctrine that hopefully many generations from now will truly leave the slave legacy in the past.

Now people that never were enslaved look to a fairness doctrine that says that because I am different I too must have special treatment to make up for past injustice. Illegal aliens are NOT FORMER SLAVES OF UNITED STATES CITIZENS. There is no debt owed. They must satisfy just, and existing law to become United States citizens. All minority’s do not share the burden of the African slave trade. They do not share the hard earned benefit of the civil rights revolution of the last century. Nor do whatever oddball’s appear in society.

Unless of course you accept equalization of all by socialism. Nothing matters, not your heritage, your parents, your education, your past earning of income, not your financial heritage. You must be equalized. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

Problem is that then only government can decide who has to much and who has to little. That decision must be made if we are to be equalized. Then the existing resources must be equally divided. Historically under socialism some folks are more equal than others. The top five percent in communist Russia lived as well as the top five percent in the USA. It is everybody else that had no chance. Yet we can not provide for everyone that would come within our borders without socialism. For those who come with nothing to be rewarded with a good standard of living requires that the “Haves” give quite a lot. World population exceeds seven billion now. Most of them desperately poor. While it would be wonderful to make all of them American citizens we can not. Certainly it is a laudable goal to feed, clothe, educate, medicate, and have a decent home. The hard truth is that we need our borders, crass is it may sound, to keep our heritage and lives together. At some point we must see what is real and make decisions that make sense.

Borders, protect our own interest, no borders, we give it all away. Or can we respect existing law that is designed to allow people in to become part of the American Dream while preserving what our good fortune has built for as many as possible to enjoy it.

If we can only and endlessly question weather American Citizens deserve what we have we must keep going back on our progress until ultimately we give the land back to the Buffalo’s. Many think that is the true way to go.

I like my USA, I wish for it to continue. While I love the Bernie Sanders goals of making life better for the masses, socialism is not a viable answer. So mister Trump build the damn wall. In time it will be seen as a mistake but the bigger mistake is simply to give it all away. To settle for socialism and impossible idealism. The key here is the term “Impossible”. Yet, we need immigrants as we always have. We need diversity among those immigrants as we always have. Change is as inevitable as tomorrow’s sun rise. But we need planning for responsible growth too, as we always have.

… originally written by my father as a letter to his friends