Old cars, special cars , hot rods, G M styling exercises, custom cars, George Burris freek cars, Mexican hoppers, one off limo’s, odd cars, and military menaces, all are part of the annual Woodward Dream Cruse.

Woodward is Detroit’s Main Street. It bisects the four hundred ninety five square mile city into East and West sides. Woodward runs north from the Detroit River, beyond the city’s eight mile road border and on another dozen or so miles to the City of Pontiac Michigan. The annual Dream cruse happens at the end of August on the four lane per side Woodward avenue that is between the Detroit and Pontiac borders.

They come from all over the USA and Canada. Many thousands participate. Often local car companies have the first public showing of future offerings. The very first usable Chevy Volt was there. Local celeb’s populate the side lines. Duggan’s Irish Pub is the hang out of Detroit’s very popular WXYZ news team. They occupy the second floor. For a mere $ 250.00 you can reserve a table on Duggans second floor for the very best viewing of the festivities. ….. Ummm ……… I don’t do that.

Still the cars are the stars. Without a fitting cruiser car I have been relegated to the third and often the fourth lane from the curbside. It will not be so if I get the Mustang in time for the grand event. Finally I can go with the other “special” cars. I know that a 2017 Mustang is not a classic Rolls Royce, a Model “N”, “T”, or “A” Ford. It isn’t a fifty five Chevy, a thousand horsepower hot rod, or an ancient Huppmobile. But it is a legitimate Detroit Sport Car and will be grudgingly welcome in the curb lane.

I can hardly wait.

… originally written by my father as a letter to his friends