As a youngin’, I did all the fun stuff … ballet, jazz, modern, Hawaiian, and folk dancing. I played sports, such as being on the school volleyball team. And of course there was the gymnastics.

But then I “grew up”. Got a full-time sit-down job. Things started to hurt. I started to get fat. (If I only knew then how far that would go!)

Let’s just say I’ve known for a long time that things were not quite right. A few aches and pains, sometimes things were a bit off-balance, and so on. Saw a lot of doctors, had a couple of surgeries, and things were mildly better, but definitely not the picture of health.

Then, on December 12th, 2016, I slipped but did not fall. That’s right, I stayed upright. Meaning I didn’t fall on the cold cement or ice. Nothing broke. I was a bit sore but otherwise ok. Even worked the rest of the day.

But then the next morning came. I could barely move. A nice hot shower made things worse instead of loosening them up.

Thank goodness I was able to get into my primary care doctor right away!

Got x-rays. Went to specialists. Took lots of meds. Got MRIs.

So here’s what happened … when I started to slip, my old training kicked in and kept me upright. Yay! Except … that since I’m so olde and out of shape now, my muscles weren’t really up to the task, and just about every bit of soft tissue, and some of the hard ones, were wrangled out of place.

Yep. Spinal nubs turned sideways. Hips torqued a couple inches out of alignment. The movable rib ended up behind the other ribs instead of below them. And so on.

That’s when I learned that, and this is VERY important to those of you out there thinking of sitting nowadays even though you used to be active …

Once your bones are flexible, they’re always flexible. Your bones and soft tissues stay nice and safe so long as you have sufficient muscle strength to keep things aligned and happy.

And that’s where I (pardon the pun) fell down. See, I haven’t exercised in years. Maybe decades. Because it hurt. And it hurt because things were slowly going out of alignment because the muscles were no longer supporting the softer bits. But the exercises I was doing weren’t helping to support those bits, either.

The muscles I needed to keep strong were the ones used as a child … those needed for dancing and sports. The normal “workout routine” at the neighborhood production-line gym just didn’t cut it for me. So I stopped.

Maybe this is part of why so many people stop or “give up” on their New Year’s Resolution to get moving again … they’re moving in new ways, not the old ways, and it feels terrible.

Finally got back to work October 1st, 2016, from home (for now) because I can’t be in a car for more than few miles. Like less than 10. And my office is over 30!

It’s January 2018 now, and I’m still messed up. Looking at at least one surgery this year, possibly a couple more. I have to use dictation because I can’t type. Which is now named Dick Tation. Between him and Otto Karect, sometimes my posts (and work) get really messed up. Apparently they don’t like each other very much. Otto keeps trying to correct Dick … and Tig loses just about every time.

I can’t make balloonimals (balloon animals), which used to be my go-to Zen relaxation.

So if you want to get “back” in shape, do what you used to do first. Then once that’s all easy-peasy again, you can do new stuff. But only then.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!