Here is my set up for performing all of PT and recommended home exercises.

As of right now, I am going into the therapist’s office for my feet and hips, while doing my back, shoulders, and Physiatrist exercises on my own. If you’re new to the PT experience, you also get the joy of performing the current body part exercises as homework in addition to the office visits This basically means that I am doing my feet, hips, back, shoulders, and DOM all in the comfortable space of my bedroom.

You may me curious how I do all of this …

First of all, I have a Chore Chart that has rows of the various body parts we’re working on, and columns for each day. There are two sections. The top shows the plan, meaning what the therapists and I have deemed to be a good schedule. My visits and HEP (Home Exercise Program) are checked off each day they’re supposed to happen. The lower section is what actually happened. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that they do not exactly match. I try … but sometimes things just don’t work out that way.

Second, when doing PT at home, it helps you to have the right equipment is available. This can be quite an investment, and thankfully my insurance, HSA, and/or FSA will reimburse me for (most of) these expenses. This basically means pre-tax dollars are used, thank goodness.

So let’s take a quick look at my home PT setup:

  • Therapy table to perform most of the exercises and stretches on
  • Various sizes of balls for several exercises and stretches (gray/75mm, pink/65cm, blue/55cm, purple/45cm)
  • Therabands are especially useful for adding tension between body parts, such as pushing the knees apart, or as replacements for weights
  • Full round, half-round, and short half-round are all used for various back and balance exercises
  • The sliders, which you may recognize is the miracle furniture slides, are used for foot, hip, and back exercises
  • The wobble board is used to stretch the ankles and improve balance
  • The foam square is used for warm-ups and balance exercises
  • What you don’t see here that are also extremely important are the tapes, such as the surgical tape for my toes, or self-adhesive wrap to support my arches

The cute little bouquet over on the right is actually a birthday card from my BFF, Ren. And when I say BFF, I really mean that, because we’ve been good friends for 29 years (1989).

Here’s the Chore Chart mentioned earlier. Granted, I’m not actually using it for chores, but it meets my needs for tracking PT. Yes, I have terrible handwriting … that’s why I type (or in this case, dictate).


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