Started this journey with my father two years ago when Mom died. They pretty much took care of each other, and he was all gung ho about moving into Assisted Living. Even selected one and put down a deposit.

But then he waffled. A lot. Which is pretty normal for such a large decision, especially after such a life-altering event such as losing your best friend and day-to-day companion. Got his deposit refunded and has been second-guessing himself ever since.

We didn’t know about this book, and have been trying to figure out and research all of this on our own. Meaning we still haven’t gotten him where he needs to be.

This book is loaded with questions, things to look for, and gotchas, most of which never would’ve occurred to us.

Hopefully we have a little while to make this decision, but it’s good to know helpful materials like this book are out there. The mere act of reading it now will (hopefully) jog my memory to read it again when the time comes.

Here’s a link to the book:

How to Choose Assisted Living by Amie Clark

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