Dad asked me to look at something on his back Tuesday. I was quite surprised to see 4″x2″ area over 0.5″ tall that was beet red, and a couple more inches of thin red lines. Took a picture and sent it to the doctor, who said it was a boil.

I mean, yeah, I’ve heard the term before. But this is not what I’d pictured at all!

The doctor said to use a washcloth as a hot compress every few hours. Well that got annoying in a hurry!

So I did some research, and as usual, came up with my own thing using standard stuff from the medicine cabinet and craft room.

So Wednesday morning I started concocting some Tiggified home brew.

Well guess what? It worked!

Got down to about 1″x .75″, and still about .5″ high. Except now it was draining. Which is supposedly a very good thing when it comes to boils.

So, you may ask, just what is this wondrous blend of normal home stuff?

Now, keep in mind that everyone’s “normal home stuff” is different.

Anyway, here’s what I did:

  1. Took a brand new 2oz amber glass spray bottle, and filled about a quarter of it with tea tree oil
  2. Added about a half a teaspoon of Epsom salts
  3. Emptied one apple cider vinegar capsule into there
  4. Added two full squirts of colloidal silver
  5. Filled the bottle to the brim with 99.996%reverse osmosis purified water
  6. Put the spray cap on and shook it all about
  7. Sprayed, uh, well, half of an old lady incontinence pad with this mix, taped that on (backing and all to wick the moisture away from him but keep it off his clothes), and then covered it with a heat patch for 8 hours

That’s it! The boil started draining shortly before we removed the patch.

Don’t get me wrong, the stuff that comes out is really icky and you might be wondering why draining is a such a good thing. Until you realize, oh, hey, the other option is keeping it in the body.

The tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and colloidal silver are all natural antibacterial thingies. The Epsom salts are supposed to dry stuff out to help them drain. And of course you want the water to be as pure as possible without being distilled, because that’s just a breeding ground for all kinds of nastiness or something like that.

According to my good buddy, Ren, chances are that other folks will probably have some gauze on hand, and may even some Epsom salts. According to her, the rest of this stuff isn’t, “normal”.

Well, it oughta be!

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