This is NOT your average stretch & strengthen book.

Sean’s basic premise is that if a muscle is tight, don’t stretch it … activate its opposite, which inherently forces it to relax. Having been a stretchy kinda gal my whole life, that sounded just a little far-fetched.

And then …

One day, one of my back muscles was so unbelievably tight. And the usual stretches and PT exercises just weren’t cutting it. Even the meds provided only partial relief. And these are some fairly heavy-duty meds.

So I tried Sean’s recommendation.

And. It. Worked. I mean almost instantly. It was amazing.

So a leg muscle acted up a few days later. This time I just flipped to Sean’s page on it. And it worked. Again. Just as quickly.

Originally I got the book on Kindle Unlimited. Well guess what? Big shocker, I outright bought this thing.

He’s the model in the pictures…. he’s muscular but not in an Olympic athlete or Hollywood way. More like a real person who happens to work out a lot. And I really appreciate this kind of authenticity.

No fluff, no frills, just helpful info at a good price.

Yep, he got my $3.

Minimalist Activation, by Sean Schniederjann

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