So I was off of work for almost a year. Meaning all my office stuff was in storage at the office.

Including an original pair of Solo 2 wireless headphones.

Draining batteries that far past the point of dead basically kills them. So, I reached out to YouTube, and came across

Thought their instructions were so straight-forward, I ordered a new battery from them. Amazingly enough, they reached out to me first to make sure I was buying the right thing. They agreed this was probably the right solution and sent it out right away.

So we got the battery, Alex followed the video, and voila, the headphones worked great. But then …

Turns out that wireless Solo Beats headphones can be jerks. Called Joe Games and Electronics for help, and they got things straightened out quickly.

So when the Solos pull some dumb crap like not turning on, keep holding down the power button until they do some flashy flashy thing.

Then turn them on normally and they’re good. It’s kinda like a reset.

So yeah, writing it here because, well, I’m an olde nerd and will probably kind of forget about this next time they’re acting all uppity.

At this time, I’d like to thank Joe’s Games & Electronics at for all of their help through this process.