Hello, readers!

Sorry for the VERY long delay in writing. So much going on, mostly good.

You’re about to see a lot of stuff to hopefully catch y’all up.

Short versions:

  1. Dad went to the cabin with his friend for a couple weeks, then brought his friend back up north, stayed here back for a week, and then travelled back to the cabin. And maybe kinda sorta has a girlfriend.
  2. Tons of things happening to make the house more “old fart” friendly. Meanwhile, now that he’s staying at the cabin more, he’s also converting that to be “old fart” friendly.
  3. The roof’s been redone (I think that was already posted?), the siding’s been done (also already posted?), and the air conditioning’s been fixed (broken when the siding was done; also written about?).
  4. Alex is in the process of moving out. Thank goodness he’s planning to come back for a bit when my surgery/surgeries happen later this year, and probably next year.
  5. There’s been some health stuff … panic attack in the MRI, left shoulder fell out of the socket, lots of PT, new doctors, dental challenges, and so on.
  6. Spring has sprung, and I need gardening help because, well, I can’t physically do it. Probably going to have to get professional help this year to make things look as nice as I’d like.
  7. Jr’s doing better, but clearly the dentist’s eff-up took some time off the puppy’s life, making each day both precious and precarious.
  8. Work has had some specialer challenges.
  9. The finances are finally getting settled from all the years off of work or being under-employed, and then being effed over by the disability insurance carrier last year.
  10. Haven’t had much time to help Lauren help me sell stuff on-line, so all this crap is still eating precious space, and not bringing in the desired cash.
  11. Including all these old photos. Had a buyer, but then there are so many that the company’s owner can’t figure out a price. I’m like, buy what you know about now, and we’ll figure out the rest later but hey. Anyway. Looking for new buyers for those, too.

There you are, all caught up-ish. Look for full articles for more details coming soon!