it’s finally fully installed!

Before this, Dad drove the golf cart up & down the hill. Outside. Making it quite the production to get around in there.

Been doing that for decades, and always told me it was no big deal.

Except the thermostat is halfway down. Ya know. On the landing at the switchback part. And laundry’s A bit of an issue. And there’s always that little thing called weather.

Suddenly he can go between floors all willy nilly, meaning he realizes how limiting the old golf cart method had become.

And he’s got a bath lift for the bubble tub. Holy crap, it’s a whole new world! He’s no longer afraid to use the spa tub, and he gets pain relief in it as much as he wants now. Such as relaxing just before bed like he used to be able to do. Back when he could go downstairs to the tub and upstairs to bed shortly after. Without having to go outside to use the golf cart to switch floors.

Yep, it’s (almost) his house now. Who knows? He might even go crackers soon and get window treatments so folks can’t see into his bedroom, and the sun doesn’t sear straight onto his eyeballs at dawn.

But that’s a rather advanced topic and might take awhile 🤡

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