How the Haier Washer-Dryer Combo Saves Our Sanity

Haier Power

The all-in-one Haier Washer/Dryer is awesome! Life-changing, actually. Now it’s easy to do laundry as needed instead of losing a whole day to do all of it every week. In essence, we now have convenient access to just-in-time cleaning!

Here are the four ways this awesome unit saves us time and money, which helps us decrease household clutter.

First, it saves time because no one has to dedicate several hours to get to the laundromat or spend a day sorting and doing laundry.

Second, it saves money because we can more quickly reuse washable items, meaning we don’t have to have as many spares on hand, so we buy less.

Third, being able to quickly clean and reuse linens means we don’t have buy as many disposable items, such as paper towels.

And fourth, a direct outcome of two and three above means less space needed to store spare linens and clothes, as well as disposable items. And having way too much stuff is pretty much the definition of clutter.

Yes, the sections below are in a different order. The title phrasing flows better, and this post presents things by importance to our household.

Clutter Redux

Being able to efficiently do these micro-loads means we only need three full-size sheet sets for two full-size beds, because the spare set is ready to use a few hours after stripping a bed. Same with blankets.

It might not sound like a big difference until you do the math. Two beds, each with one backup set of linens and blankets means four total sets. Now we have three sets in total. That’s an instant 25% reduction of bed linens!

Now let’s think about towels. No need to collect a week’s worth in a smelly hamper. Everyone has their own set of towels (one each of a bath sheet, bath towel, hand towel, and wash cloth). When the set is dirty, it’s one load that’s clean and ready to use again by their next shower or bath.

Saving Money

Or how about re-using kitchen towels instead of tossing paper towels after a single use? Suddenly we’re not wasting money on disposables, to boot! In fact, we’re able to repurpose the excess hand towels for kitchen use.

Same for clothes! Did someone have an oopsy? Maybe someone spilled some gravy on their shirt, or the personal plumbing isn’t working well this week (hello, flu season).

Or maybe you’re a five-pieces-equals-fifteen-outfits kinda person. Or you want to be, but doing such small loads seems wasteful.

But this combo unit is super-efficient when it comes to water use. One could easily use more water hand-washing a couple plates than this combo unit uses to wash a a set of sheets.

Back to Clutter Redux

Put all this together, and it means we’ve been able to donate and recycle a lot of clothes and linens in the few months we’ve had this. As in about one bag a week, on average. And a roll of paper towel lasts weeks instead of days now. At this rate, we probably won’t have to buy more paper towels for six months!

Wowza! I am totally ok with this change.

Time for Saving Time

We also use the Bulky Item setting to wash small area or runner rugs, and floor towels. Keep in mind the rugs don’t dry well in the combo unit, and need a place to hang for a bit.

This means cleaner rugs because each can be done as needed. It means fewer spare rugs because we don’t have to have extras on-hand while waiting for someone to go to the laundromat.

And it saves time because, well, no one has to spend a few hours at the laundromat every few weeks.

It also means we can repurpose or re-home older rugs because we can clean one at a time as needed, meaning one spare for three entrance rugs.

That’s a quick 67% reduction in storage space usage!

It’s All Intertwingled, Actually

As you can see, these four ways to save feed each other, and it’s wonderful!

One thing that’s not even covered yet is that it fits neatly in the family room closet. Super easy access for everyone!

Plop some laundry in, spend some quality tv or family game time, and remove your clean items. Next!

Still Using the Large Set, too

But sometimes we still use the full-size washer and dryer set. Like anything needing bleach. Or is too big, such as a comforter. Or the combo unit gets a queue because everyone wants to use it at the same time. Thankfully this is happening less frequently as we all get into the rhythm.

Much of the following is going to move to a separate post to make information easier to find and use.

So for those times when we still need the full-size washer & dryer set or a laundromat run, here’s the routine. We use Shout Color Catchers when mixing colors, or the homemade variety.

  • Sorting – bleachable whites and everything else, further divided into similarly wet-weight items, such as cotton/cotton blends and bamboo ot microfiber, poly/nylon/spandex, and lingerie/infused fabrics to help the load stay balanced
  • Clothes – some folks don’t like sharing loads, such “euw, you are not mixing my tighty whities in with her perfumed white clothes!”, so each person gets their own set of sorted piles. Which they can do themselves so I’m not stuck doing it all anymore.

Drying Hints

The combo unit uses a ventless drying method that doesn’t bake things to a crisp, which practically eliminates stiff fabrics and static, and thus the need for fabric softener! Which saves money.

It also means the unmentionables are perfectly safe. Which saves clutter, I mean drying space, in bathrooms and closets.

When using the full-size washer and dryer, we still use softener rinse to eliminate the cardboard and sandpaper feel of baked towels, and/or foil sheets in the dryer to decrease static.

On a personal soapbox note we stopped using dryer sheets decades ago when a neighbor showed me how she used them to kickstart her fireplace, fire pit, and charcoal grill. The foil sheets can be used several times, and are only a fire hazard when washing things you’re not supposed to such as items with solvents or gasoline on them. But that’s because the items themselves are flammable, not the foil. Plus the foil can be recycled.

Saving Time and Money, and Removing Clutter Can Be Simple

Yes, being able to do laundry as-needed in a convenient location saves my sanity. So much less time spent planning to get things done or making sure we have the right things on hand, and in places where people can find them.

First, we save time by doing less errands such as trips to the laundromat or store. Second, we save money because we can more quickly reuse washable items, Third, being able to quickly clean and reuse linens means we don’t have buy as many disposable items, such as paper towels. And fourth, needing to have less on hand means less space needed for storage.

Works for me!