I know, it’s weird, but it’s true.

See, my fur baby eats when I eat. I’m on Saxenda to lose weight, which is basically aversion therapy for food. Nothing tastes good. Nothing smells good. I’m nauseous all the time. So I don’t eat. And I’m losing weight.

Except only one of us is overweight, and it’s not him, but he’s also losing weight.

He used to weigh 15.6# and was in fantastic condition. Then he dropped to 14.3#, which concerned the vet, and she told us to give him puppy chow to put some meat back on his bones.

But I don’t eat, meaning he won’t eat, and now he’s so thin you can see all his bones,

For me, the choice is simple. It’s my life or his. And I choose his happiness. I’d rather feel nauseous and eat flavorless goo than watch my best friend die.

So here I am, eating oatmeal. It tastes terrible, like soggy cardboard, while an 18 year old dog is happily going after puppy chow with gusto.

And I have to eat slowly, because as soon as I stop, so will he. And the more I eat, the worse I feel.

But his pain meds are in his food, too, so if he doesn’t eat, he’s in pain. All day. All night. Quite literally, he’s wracking with pain unless he eats his pain meds.

Which is why this post is being written at the same time … he sees me at the dining table with a bowl and occasionally taking a bite, and he keeps eating.

Jr brings joy, love, fun, and happiness to everyone he meets.

And so, I eat.