What is Crazy

Ever see someone have conversations or react to something you can’t see? For a lot of people, that’s the definition of “crazy” … behaving as if something in your head is physically real to the rest of the world.

Green Screens

Did you see a movie recently? Maybe with lots of special effects, such as Jurassic World or Dr. Strange?

Wasn’t it amazing how the actors fit into the effects? That’s called green screening.

The actor does a lot of their work in surrounded by giant fluorescent green things, such as walls, floors, or might even be wearing it (like removing Wonder Woman’s baby bump).

This means that the actor is responding to things that aren’t there.

They’re in love with a giant fishman, terrified by a velociraptor, or mesmerized by a hatching coming out of a pure silver egg.

Actors are Crazy

This means that, yes, actors are crazy people.

Why? Because they have to imagine something that isn’t there, and behave as if it was. They have to be shocked when a monster’s tendril rips them off screen. They have to see the velociraptor biting at then even though nothing is there.

But Actors aren’t Crazy

What this means to me is that actors learn how to be what you & I usually think of as “crazy” behavior.

The difference, however, is that they are purposefully reacting to things that aren’t there, and they’re doing it on demand. Over and over, sometimes dozens of takes.

And yet it has to be fresh and slightly different every time. It has to feel real every time.

But Their Insane Pay

Well, yeah. They have to insane, on cue, over and over and over.

Ok, maybe $5 million is a bit over the top. But it’s hard work. Let’s look at Jurassic World. Almost none of that was real. Almost all of it was drawn in or added by computer later. The actors had very little to physically work with.

Chris Pratt didn’t physically fight a pteranodon. Bryce Howard wasn’t almost eaten by a velociraptor while driving an emergency vehicle.


He rolled around on cement, surrounded by some set work, and the rest (most of it) was bright green. She sat in a seat with a grey wall behind her, and a person with a raptor head stood nearby.

Wonder Woman wore bright green so her costume could be painted on. After all, the actress was pregnant, not the character.

And so on.

So Yeah, Actors are Crazy

They train hard to look hot, pretend to be something they’re not, and repeatedly respond to things that don’t exist.

And Yeah, We’re Crazy

Why do movie people make so much? Because we pay them to. And we enjoy paying it. For the chance to escape our daily grind, and get sucked into the world they’ve all created for us.

So who’s crazy now?

Is it the person who gets $3 million for two years work, getting in the best shape of their lives, and has people doting on them, catering to their every whim?

Or the people who pay $15 to sit in a dark room with a outlet hundred people they don’t know for three hours to watch the final spectacle?

Or just maybe, it’s the people who pay the money and gripe about the prices being nuts. If you think the prices are insane, don’t go. But if you go, you’re inherently saying it’s worth it to you.

So if you go, and whine about it, then you’re the crazy one because you’re responding to something you purposely did that you said was nuts.

And you probably enjoyed it. And more importantly, you’ll probably do it again.

Now that’s just crazy.