Hello, readers. Let’s take a moment to look at an unhappy event in my life. Hopefully you’ll learn something that can help your pets, your wallet, and yourself.

If you’re in metroDetroit, I strongly recommend Crossroads Vet Hospice should you ever need this service. Dr. Ellen is wonderful to work with, and every staff person and recommended provider has been clinically outstanding, and very caring. Their website is http://crossroadsvethospice.com.

Why is my little man, Jr, the Jack Russell Terror, in home hospice?

Well, as some of you may recall, Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic wrenched my little boy’s back almost exactly two years ago and never accepted responsibility for doing so, or offered to fix it, provide care, or even grant a refund request. This is why I will never recommend them or Breckinridge, their sister clinic. Both practices are all the same people, and owned by the same veterinarian. Yes, Meadowbrook was excellent when Dr. Christlieb ran things, but Dr. Osborne’s record is quite inconsistent, and opinions are polarized … you either love him or hate him.

Please, I beg of you, verify your intended vet with multiple reliable sources before taking your fur baby anywhere. I’d really hate to see anyone else’s little loved one in a similar situation just because of a doctor’s hubris.

Which brings us to today.

My little boy has been a very happy and healthy boy for the past two years except for one thing. His wrenched back. Unfortunately some of these months were not happy, though, due to his pain levels while trying to figure out why he suddenly lost the ability to control his back end.

I have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to get his spine in the best possible shape, but at 19, his little body is busy keeping everything else going. And is doing quite well! Other than this issue and an ear infection, he’s quite healthy for a dog, and especially for an elder gent.

Even so, now he’s in home hospice, with comfort care only.

As long as he eats his pain medications, he’s still that happy and healthy boy we’ve loved for so very long. It’s heartbreaking to know his life is shortened due to Meadowbrook‘s carelessness.

For folks concerned about legalities:

  • First, note that something is only deemed libel if it isn’t true. I cry almost daily wishing this story and Dr. Osborne’s practices’ role in it were untrue.
  • Second, other than being a client, I have almost no affiliation with Crossroads. I only found out after becoming a client that Dr. Ellen’s husband is a former work colleague.
  • Lastly, Crossroads isn’t aware of this post, and to the best of my knowledge, no one is receiving any remuneration or perks for this recommendation.

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