Ya know I love ya, girl. And totally appreciate all your help these past few days while Alex is out taking care of his mom’s three puppies.

But …

Years of training out the window. Y. E. A. R. S.

Jr never ate stuff off the floor without explicit permission. And he certainly never ate sweets. Which may or may not have anything to do with how he got to be 19 with very few health issues.

Until …

Three days with Barb, and he’s totally on-board with “if it hits the ground, it goes to the hound.”

Three. Days.

Now she’s got him eating scones, for dog’s sake. Raspberry. With white chocolate (no theophylline, thank goodness).

Razz. Berry. Scones.

While she stands there giggling, “oops!”

Well, sheesh. He’s 19. So I’ll happily watch him enjoy the scone bits. And (hopefully) remember this if I ever so much as think about asking her to watch a younger pet for me.

Three. Days.