Who doesn’t!

It’s quite simple, really.

Celebrate it next week. You can buy everything for at least half off, and reservations are easier to get.

Some restaurants allow you to get the valentine special if you make the reservations on or before valentine’s, as well. This way couples get the awesome dinner at the special price, and it’s a more intimate “just us” setting.

Plus the restaurant gets to even out their finances, inventory, staffing, and such a bit better, too.

I do not recommend saying, “oh, honey, we’re doing it next week so I can get you twice as much!” This will probably come across as the lame oops, I forgot excuse that it is.

Actually, this time and money saving option of celebrating a week later works for most of the Hallmark Holidays. You know, those created by the greeting card and nifty-gifty industries to bring in more sales between the real holidays. I’m looking at you, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Boss’s Day, Assistant’s Day, and Sweetest Day.

Pi-days, however, stay where they are, March 14th, and November 10th (9th in leap years). Cuz, PI. Same with Infinity Day, 8/8. Nerd holidays have very specific meanings that are completely lost if you do it wrong. Like, who celebrates May the Fourth on May 11th? That’s just silly.