At least I feel better getting this all out.

Oh my effing dog. There’s so totally too much weird today.

Luke Perry’s gone and Lent’s begun, so the country‘s gone dumber. Never was a 90210 fan, so I first saw him as Spike in the original Buffy movie, then his cable series (Jericho). Had I known he was on Riverdale, I woulda been watching it. Time to binge, I guess.

Each paragraph below is a mini-rant about at least one news story from the past twelve hours. This might feel a tad jarring. But that’s the news. It’s designed to be jarring because that’s what gets ratings. It’s not even lunchtime and my head is feeling.

The #WhiteHouseResident news is already on high alert today. Tim Apple, really? And what’s with that CPAC painter? And this whole emergency bs isn’t over, yet? Wtf?!

Love how pundits are calling republicans the Stockholm (syndrome) party now. Not just to the NeoNazi Pimp, but Faux News, too. Or Fux News, depending on where you look. Everything on that channel and with this “leader” has been in escalating crises for so long that their base is either in full lather or shell-shocked, both portions fully drunk on, “it’s our only way out, man”.

The level of stupid is incredible.

universities aren’t left-wing indoctrination … it’s where folks learn to open their brains and think for themselves. Which is the opposite of indoctrination. But it is a big word so I can see how these teeny brains could get confused.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of stupid in the left, too. Disagreeing with a country’s policies isn’t the same as being against the people as a whole. Before you put forth a bill to fix the problem, make sure you’re fixing everyone’s prejudices, not just one person who’s become the scapegoat. The “right” side says way worse stuff every day and nobody gets their undies in a bunch because “that’s just who they are”. Seriously? A giant sign saying “Liar liar pants on fire” is ok, but pointing out that we support a nation of people who were once the victims of genocide and are now committing genocide is a problem? Ok, that is indoctrination … being brainwashed into believing and acting as if one side is forgivable because they can’t learn to play nice feeds the radicalization of our nation.

The level of multimillionaire and billionaire year-end donations to wrong-wing legislators and their foundations, post-election, is astounding. They think these policies are working? A 77% increase in the trade deficit and tripling the budget deficit in the past 18 months? Yeah. Financially feeling the wins here. Bigly. But the rich f’idiots are raking it in, so everything’s good.

How can these super-educated meat bags not see that the country improves every time a Democrat is in charge, and takes a dump when republicans hold the reins? Or that blue states are almost always leaps and bounds better off than red states? The government’s own stats show this time and again.

That’s not fake news unless you believe the government is fake. Then again, it would be quite easy to build a case for that, at the moment.

What happened to the lessons learned in Kansas, the very model for these trickle down policies, that nearly went bankrupt in a single governorship? That’s been completely swept under the rug and forgotten. Nope, can’t let the base see that!

Don’t just listen to or read one side of the story. Don’t take any single secondary (or tertiary) source’s facts as real. Every aggregator, such as the news, a web-site, blog, or YouTube channel (including me, an ex-righty turned blatant lefty) has a bias, whether they admit it or not. Look around and research for yourself.

I did. It was quite eye opening. I realized the republican party left me behind years ago, and stopped representing what they used to believe in. The big names like Lincoln and Roosevelt would no longer be welcomed. Hell, Obama read a Reagan speech verbatim, and they cried, “socialism!” just like they are now. Anything that supports the people and not the elite is deemed socialism rather than being a good citizen.

The democrats are proposing that we return to many of the policies in The New Deal (Roosevelt-D), which was based on The Square Deal (Roosevelt-R) (plus some global warming facets), but now its socialism? Do you even know our country’s history? If you don’t believe in Teddie Roosevelt’s ideals, you can’t claim to be “his party”. You’ve abandoned him, just like you did me. You’ve lost the right to use his image and name as props at your PAC conventions.

Similarly, Lincoln didn’t feed the rich plantation owners, he freed the slaves. Guess what? You’ve left him behind, too. Tear down his name … you don’t get to claim him as a great example of what you represent.

In fact, you represent the exact opposite of what many of your great historical leaders held dear, and bravely implemented to save this country. Lincoln even gave his life for it.

By the way, ask Marie Antoinette how supporting the few rich folks over the bourgeoisie worked out …


I don’t care if you think like me, I’m happy when / if you think.


And these days, there’s clearly a shortage of thinking going on in this country.


Updated 2019.03.20 to clarify Roosevelts.