Wonderful blog post by two “women of age”. I’d like to thank my bestie, Ren, for sharing this with me so that I can share it with you.

I think my favorite part is about how no one “upsizes” a pregnancy test to an abortion.

No, wait. My favorite part is recognizing that the only legal post-birth abortions are called capital punishment.

Ugh! I mean, really, the best part is how she states that anyone who believes this stuff has no clue about women, being pregnant, or the agony that goes into having to make this terrible “choice”. It’s not a choice. It’s a decision made after weighing options of your faith, living situation,health, and how you became pregnant.

‘Then again, now that I think about it, it’s when she tells the Grandstanding Old Pricks to masturbate (f-off). Yeah, that’s the part, right there. Note that the author uses the acronym GOP whereas I’m spelling it out here.


via Abortion is not a dirty word and Planned Parenthood isn’t a McDonald’s and the GOP can go F**K itself