Whoever came up with Axe scents and their staying power deserves a special ring of hell. They’re horrible, and almost impossible to eradicate from walls and carpets, let alone clothes and linens. If you have a guy in the house who uses their suite of products, just kiss your olfactories goodbye. They’ll be burned up in no time, which you’d think would be a blessing because you won’t have yo deal with that horrific cadaveric stench anymore. Except you do. It’s permanently stuck to your nose hairs, passed down from hair to hair, like a family heirloom as new hairs grow and old ones fall out. So now you live with that smell just below your consciousness 24 hours a day, giving you a migraine that you can’t figure out what triggered it. If someone you live with uses this product, the only way to get the stench out of the house is to burn the building down, which will be easy yo do because the noxious chemicals in this “cologne” increase flammability. Not quite like WW-II era movies, but close enough.