Hello, readers!

And no, I don’t mean the glasses.


I purchased a Chili Technology twin-size cooling pad a few months ago, and it finally got setup this week. Oh my effing dog what a difference!

The only time I woke up sweaty was after rolling off the pad, and onto the other side of the bed. Which is a good thing in our case because it means I can chill while snugging Jr, who’s not on the pad. As in, the pad keeps only the pad area cold, and he doesn’t shiver or freeze.

In case you have never heard of such a thing, here’s how it works. You unroll the pad, plug the hoses into the base and pad, add distilled water, turn it on, and set the desired temperature. The base unit then sets the water to that temperature, and then cycles the water thru the pad, keeping the water (and thus the pad) at this temperature until the base is turned off.

One pleasant surprise is how relatively quiet the base is! For cooling, that is. I’m sure used the 55 degree setting so far. The base unit is about the same noise level as the GermGuardian AC-5250-Pet ain’t cleaner on 3 (out of 5 settings), and the pad itself is silent. No gurgling or sloshing sounds. The sound is almost completely blocked by a pair of 35db ear plugs. This is impressive given that it’s about two feet from the bed, on my side, and my hearing is pretty sharp. Actually, the bedroom window is wide open so there’s street & neighbor nose, the air cleaner is on 3, and the ceiling fan is on. Even with all this, the 35db ear plugs take care most of the sound.

Also, the display turns off after about a half-minute after the last button push on either the base or pad, so there’s no light pollution in the room, either.

Quite frankly, I balked at the price, around $400 for the twin xl size, and was thrilled to find a lightly used unit for about half the price. Of course the previous owner washed it (thank you!), but they used Tide-free (supposedly unscented). Somehow there’s a distinct perfume smell in it that I’m allergic to, so I have some itching and hives, even after washing it again a few times. Plus some coughing and wheezing. Hopefully this clears up soon!

In short, the ChiliPad keeps me nice & comfy all night long, sounds like an air cleaner on medium, the helpful display is only on when needed, and I should never ever use any tide product. If you can afford one of these f’awesome pads, if you’re too warm or too cold in bed, I highly recommend it! It’s worth saving for, or maybe even setup a PayPal money pool where anyone can deposit funds for you to use. Like a personal Kickstarter or go fund me campaign.

Please note that I am not affiliated with any of these companies other than being a client. I am not and will not receive compensation from Chili Technology, PayPal, or Go Fund Me. My review is based on personal experience using products purchased by me, as in, the only funds I’ll see from this post are those you choose to add to my pool or campaign.