Yepperoonies, dad’s doing a lot to make the cabin more friendly to his elderly state. Which is fantastic! He’s always been happier there. Always. He’s even said that every time he comes back to the house, he feels like he’s coming here to die.

That being said, we’ve been in the process of making this house more amenable to his needs had already started before he started seeing someone at the cabin. So that’s going to keep happening, anyway, just in case. Or maybe for me to use it, if need be. It’s not like I’m getting any younger, either.

Like re-doing the bathroom. Adding a first floor laundry area. And adding solar panels. And a battery backup. All of which required a new electrical panel. Plus a much cheaper internet / phone / cable tv provider.

Granted there’ve quite a few bumps along the way.

Like re-re-doing the bathroom. Like a 19 year old furry family member passing. Like the Solar going out. Several times. And trying to get the manufacturer to stand behind their products. You may hear about them later.

Also switching the cabin to cable + internet and internet-only at the old homestead. And then figuring out how to get that all setup at the cabin in a way that allows my dad to enjoy the trappings of the 21st century without having to learn how to make these newfangled gizmos work.

And of course figuring out all the financing for these things in our scary new world order. Which is where the hopelessness comes in.

I see nothing positive in our country’s, and therefore my, future. This means I have to find the happies in the little things, because that’s all that’s really left, at least for me. Yes, I live in a house, yes, I still have a car, and yes, I sound like a whiny little <something … >.

And this house has several gardens, and a hot tub, and a walk-in shower. And two wonderful dogs. Or as my bff put it, “the sweetest dogs [she’s] ever met”.

So I’ll take my happies in all of these and hopefully more, and try my dangdest to ignore the BS I have no control over, even though it’s trying to kill me and everything I consider worthwhile in the world.