Oh, man, Squiggs is lovin’ this!

Taz wanted his mid-sleep potty break, and she always finds something to do, so voila, obviously time to wake mommy up by stepping all over face. And bladder.


We come back in. I help Squiggles get on the bed, because her old lady knees sometimes give her trouble. And this was one of those times.

Taz, for his part, is sometimes still too puppy to get on the bed himself.

And apparently this was one of those times.

To help him grow up big and strong, I tell him to get up here himself. And then when he looks at me expectantly, I tell him to put some effort into it. Yes, thank you The Mask.

And. Squiggles. Loved. It!

She got to nip and paw at his face to keep him off the bed, like he almost always does to her (we’re working on this bit of etiquette). Now she’s patrolling the edge of the bed, her tail wagging triumphantly.

Ah, he’s up here now. Time for re-sleepy byes.