My life is soooooo much better since finding the original recipe for this, and then tweaking it to perfection. I use this on the floors, beds, chairs, couches, dogs, and in the commodes, and quite frankly, it’s (mostly) stopped my life from being a stinky nightmare. Dunno where I first found the recipe because it’d be great to prop out whoever posted it.

Here’s my take on non-toxic homemade air freshener and bug relocator:




  1. Start with an open, cleaned, and dried bottle
  2. Add baking soda and alcohol
  3. Gently swish it around
  4. Add distilled water to about 3/4″ from where the top meets the bottle
  5. Close and mix well

To use, spray that 💩 everywhere!

Smells great to people, not harmful to dogs or people (or bugs, for that matter), and the mint encourages bugs and other undesired occupants to relocate.

This has been nothing short of life-changing over here. Can even spray it on the pups occasionally between baths. Just please respect their very sensitive noses by using very little and not near their faces. And yes, it encourages bugs to not bother with them either.

* Do not rely on this mixture for fully debugging the pups. It’s a good touch-up kinda thing, but a safe and light spray isn’t strong enough to fully get the job done.

* I am a dog person, and have no clue how safe this is for cats and other pets.