Let’s set the context by sharing this amazing compilation video of Sofia Boutella, one of my favorite actors, https://youtu.be/aAI5qvpvwS8

Thank goodness 60 is approaching, because otherwise I’d be trying to do this. Forty years ago, sure, trying might’ve seemed viable. Now I’ll never have to face this particular personal inadequacy.

To be fair, it feels like I came pretty close back in my early 20s.

See, I’d studied ballet, jazz, Hawaiian, belly dancing, various Slavic/European folk styles, and a smidgen of tap, along with a whole lotta gymnastics and swimming, and a handful of sports.

It’s probably also important to note that this was right after disco died and Madonna’s first album had just come out.

There were the other influences, too. For example, New Wave was just coming over from England. I was a child of the 60s and cut my teeth in the 70s. And a metal head.

Then one night, incredible inspiration at a friend’s wedding reception. I was free-stylin’, literally feeling the music, not paying attention to just about anything else.

Lo’ and behold, the band took this as a contest, and played songs increasingly harder to dance to, the last being Pink Floyd’s, “On the Turning Away”.

It. Was. Incredible.

At least for me.

The band cleared off the stage to resounding applause, especially from me, for what felt more like a small-venue concert than a bar band.

When the DJ took over, I realized how few people had been dancing for at least an hour or two. In fact, mostly only me.

I don’t remember the moves. They may not have been all that great. Probably weren’t, actually.

But they felt amazing. The dance included everything I’d ever studied & felt, and all I could ever be, but never would become.

It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced, even now, for decades later.

I wish someone had recorded it. I’d love to see what actually happened. Maybe.

Like a heroin addict, I’ve been searching for whatever happened that night. To find a way to re-feel it.

And like an addict, I’ll probably never experience it again. If for no other reason than I’m too old old decrepit.

So like an addict, I ask myself every day, what’s the point?