Yes, I’m joking. Kinda.

See, my day started with no doggy messes! Ah, I looked forward to finally getting so very much done today. Yay!

But then. Dad called me. “I have a little problem up here”. This could mean anything from he can’t find the remote to he’s on the floor and can’t get up.

Today, it meant that he woke up to take a pee. Except he didn’t quite wake up in time.

It soaked through all of his bedding. Down the side of the mattress and seeped up under the pee barriers (yes, plural) to get the mattress topper and mattress. Plus the carpet next to the bed & under the bed, and even, yes, one of his pillows. Oh, and of course his sleepy attire.

He tried to do some of the cleanup himself, which means he put a lot of the pee infested stuff in the same laundry bag as his other dirty clothes. In other words, they’re also wet now.

After getting all the dirty laundry to the basement (two floors down), loading & running the washers, and cycling the Spot Bot carpet cleaner in a several spots, I took a break. And slept for almost two hours!

I seriously have no clue how people with only one washer and dryer survive caregiving, which I’m guessing may also be true for those raising kids. All four appliances (one washer, one dryer, and two washer/dryer units) have been running almost non-stop since about 9am (it’s now 5pm). Yes, they’ve all been running all day. Really. All. Day. And they will probably still be going much of tomorrow.

In case this info might help others, Dr. Bronner’s Eucalyptus Castile Soap mixed with reverse-osmosis filtered water was used in the Spot Bot, and hydrogen peroxide was sprayed on everything. The odor isn’t too bad in his room, maybe even less smell than usual, actually.

Time to cuddle up in a chair, dogs at my feet (they’re too big for the chair), and chow down on one of my all-time favorite comfort foods, cole slaw. Hopefully I’ll have enough energy tomorrow and no surprises so that stuff will get done :: crossing paws ::

Well, depending on how much cole slaw gets eaten, I suppose. Yummers!

for the record, 4-5 cups of shredded cole slaw is too much. On the plus side, if an emergency colonoscopy is needed, I’m all set!