Why, yes, it’s been quite some time since the whole posting thing’s been on a schedule. And yes, it’s even been six weeks since posting about doggy death.

Here’s the thing. Dad’s had at least three heart attacks since Christmas, two of which were before his last trip to the hospital about a week prior to doggy’s relocation to the Rainbow Bridge. Which was February 15th.

When 911 picked him up, they let me know that he could no longer live upstairs. It took quite a bit to stabilize him, and they were quite clear that next time he may well just die up there. And then they can cart out the cadaver.

Which started yet another major re-shuffle of the house. Cuz. Ya know. It’s not like the house has recovered from any of the prior major reshufflings since November 2019. If that sounds familiar, that’s when we found out he had to move back up here from the house in Tennessee.

Anywayz. In the process of this particular reshuffling, mold was discovered in my bedroom. So the homeowners insurance company was called. And they came out to take a look.

Oh. My. Effing. Dog. What a freakin’ fiasco that’s been.

Keep in mind this all started before doggy death. As in, this was going on while dealing with Zoose’s last days.

The mitigation company came out to do some demolition (demo) work, as in, removing some of the drywall. After that, they’d check out the carpet.

We still haven’t gotten to check the carpet.

First a hole was discovered in the closet, so demo had to stop until the gaping wound to the outside could be at least covered in a way that ensured no more moisture came in.

Ok, fine. Except. They don’t do the tarping. They don’t have anyone they can recommend to do the tarping. And all the handypersons are so far past busy, some are booked until May. Yes, May. That was in the first week of March.

I called over a dozen handy places. Not a one could come out for such a small job or was utterly unavailable for weeks. Finally found one. He came out. Turns out it was a two-person job, and, well, he’s a one-man operation. So he cobbled something together with shingles and bricks.

So the demo guys came back out. Turns out they had to rip out ALL the drywall in the closet. After that they moved on to the wall of windows that also showed some mold.

And … the framing was rotted. As in, they could literally poke their hands outside. The window’s barely hanging on. So once again the demo work stopped. And it’s still stopped. Until I can get that entire back wall protected.

And what’s the best way to protect that wall? Why to finish the addition, of course. Except. If I could just pop out $30k whenever I felt like it, the addition would’ve already been completed.

Meaning I have to get financing. Keep in mind that when I asked dad to setup the financing to finish this two years ago, he stopped it at the very last minute. He didn’t want to take on the debt. Which I understand. But, quite frankly, that’s exactly why all this is happening now. The project has been hanging off the back of the house with most of the siding removed, part of the main roof opened up a bit do make room for the addition’s roof. Except the addition’s roof isn’t on there.

Hence all the mold.

Oh, and did I mention that the insurance claim is limited to $5k? For the demolition, removal, restoration, and damaged property. Why? Good question.

See, they’ll cover all expenses (minus the deductible) to demo, remove, and repair, and up to $199k in property damage. But since I found the mold after it was visible, it’s down to $5K for everything. Total.

Um … who the fuck finds mold before it’s visible?!

There’s more, but my fingers are tired. Just gonna attach a few pictures for your enjoyment.

Oh, but before I go. Did I mention that all of this is in my bedroom? Huh. Wonder why I so many sinus infections last year …