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From the infamous 1969 tobacco industry memo, “Doubt is our product since it is the best means of competing with the ‘body of fact’ that exists in the mind of the general public.”

Doubt stirs up controversy. And controversy needs a backstory. And conspirators theories create backstories based on fear and adrenaline.

Amazing how the GQP’s entire party platform is doubt, and the radical-right’s media ecochamber peddles in doubts that feed rage-inducing, mind-numbing controversies.

Then they create conspiracies by asking questions and/or making assertions about The Left, usually with minimal (or no), misrepresented proof. At some point, these pundits present calls to action, usually in the form of modifying beliefs (as in, social programming) or fringe, even violent, action.

And all this is justified by hating on The Left, the mortal enemy of The Right. Make no mistake, The Right believes they’re al the definitions of right. Right, as in not wrong. Right as having the right of way. Right as in tight with gawd. Right as in righteous, especially in righteous indignation or righteous anger.

At least that’s how they’ve been trained to see themselves with that social programming thing. These folks believe this is needed to save this country at all costs, including disconnecting from family and friends because we just don’t understand how urgent and important this all is.

The tobacco industry used this tactic to stall regulations and personal health changes for decades, killing who knows how many people. Big Oil is using it now, destroying our very future.

Hell, even Microsoft used it to become the leader in the Personal Computer space, known as Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt marketing. Or as it’s also called, FUD.

FUD was used successfully way before the tobacco memo. Constantine used it to build a religion to quell the unwashed masses in his ginormous empire. How much more doubt can there be than the fate of your immortal soul just because you wanted to eat bacon?

Oh, wait. That’s the first testament. Moving on.

Doubt works because people with brains and emotions will usually try to see the other side, to learn from others, to do better next time. It starts out as a simple question, like, hey, what if this point or perspective has some merit?

But then add in the gaslighting, disinformation, and social programming, aka brain washing, and suddenly it becomes so much more.

We’re creatures of action. Doubt causes indecision which stops action. After a while, humans need to create a resolution to this indecision, creating enough certainty to move forward. Even if forward isn’t in your own best interest. Or in the interest of your friends, family, or nation.

But that’s just it. The programming has convinced people it’s in their best interest. And these programmees worked so very hard to become certain that they’ll fight against anything that might create doubt in this path. I say it this way because creating doubt about the anything else fuels the certainty of this path. So there’s still doubt.

Which is why people usually don’t become radicalized the first time they hear one of tucker’s rants. In fact, some folks find him to be the entertainment Fox’s lawyers says he is. At least at first.

In case you haven’t heard, the lawyers won using the reasonable person clause. As in, no reasonable person would think tucker is news because he’s purely an entertainer.

Oops. Tangent again.

Even a lot of regular marketing is based on fear. People did without deodorant for a long time. After most of us started using it, it was time to graduate to anti-perspiring. I mean, you wouldn’t anyone to know that you actually :: gasp :: sweat.

And now that most folks are using that, it’s time for hand, foot, and face anti-perspiring and/or prescription-strength for the armpits. Because, yeah, everyone needs the super-expensive high-powered sweat gland fillers.

And let’s look at food sales. Sure, the latest type of sugar bombs sounds delicious, but the worst part (according to the ads) is all the fun your child is going to miss out on if they don’t get them. The fun and colorful shapes. Games on the box. Contests and prizes. And what would their friends think?!

What’s truly pathetic about all of this is that oftentimes these companies and political parties would be a lot better off, saving a lot of money and hassle, just by going with the flow of changes. So much time and energy is wasted keeping things the same that the lost opportunity costs can be huge.

Consumer goods have spent so much time convincing us all we’re woefully inadequate that a lot of us are too depressed to work. We’re so depressed that we make ourselves sick, some even creating physical pains to have a way to deal with the induced mental pain.

Let’s face it, someone who’s too tired to get up in the morning to face the day is unlikely to do well at work. And then they get fired because they’re troublesome or unproductive. Then the person needs to be perfect to find a new job, and the downward spiral accelerates.

Back to the memo. Tobacco and big oil’s failure to change is deadly. How many lung cancer deaths didn’t have to happen? How many people suffered through heart attacks, congestive heart failure, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)?

How many birds, fish, sea mammals, and reefs have been killed and destroyed by oil spills? Or building huge oil rigs in the oceans? This doesn’t even address how the water temperatures and thus big currents have changed, causing the flora and fauna depending on the seas to die off if they can’t adapt fast enough.

And in the case of our political system, this fud is potentially nation-ending.

The tighty-whitey Fox Viewers are strung out on so much cortisol that they can’t rub too thoughts together, and they’re pissed off all the time. When Biden was elected, they storm The Capitol to “save the country” because Fox, OAN, and InfoWars convinced them that The Libs cheated or the system is rigged against them.

After Biden took office, they joined the Black Flag Nation. Or even the Red Flag Nation. Ya know. Take no prisoners, don’t get caught, kill those who isn’t this brand of neoConservative. Yes, they honestly believe they’re preparing for battle.

How many of these folks might some day find out they’ve been duped, ruining their families, relationships, jobs, and even their lives because they believed Fox’s, OAN’s, and InfoWars’ lies? How many will turn violent against media, against each other, or simply commit suicide?

All because some small=dicked white men can’t imagine how things can be any better for themselves than they already are now. Nothing’s scarier than a cornered animal thinking they gotta fight or die. And make no mistake, the right-wing echo-chamber is convincing their viewers this is the fight of their lives. Every Single Day.

When they get thrown in jail for taking action on these lies, many are put into the right-wing nut-job wing instead of the general population. This adds to the echo chamber, further radicalizing them. Instead, they could be in gen-pop and see just how bad our “justice” system actually is. Learn how bad the privativized prisons treat their prisoners.

And more importantly, it might be a good idea to get that new manly scented extra-strength antiperspirant that’s loaded with cancer-causing, hormone disrupting chemicals. Cuz. Who wants to be sweaty when Bubba bangs your PRAG patootie?

Personally, I’d find that more fear-inducing than some guy with a pillow telling me about bamboo paper ballots, but that’s just me.