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Who the hell thought this was a good idea?! Oh. Yeah. We po’.

See, the funds were needed to pay for Zoose’s end-of-life “care”. Thankfully the timing worked out for Bestie’s sister to buy it. Didn’t seem fair to make her wait until a new iPhone could be ordered, so back in December (or was it January?), I sent her my old one.

And got myself a shiny new cheap-ass Android.

Ya know what’s a royal pain in the ass? Android. The iPhone does what I want (mostly) when I want it to. The Android, on the other hand, just does shit. Or doesn’t.

So why am I so excited about all of this? Because the new iPhone is supposed to arrived today!

On the plus side, this ZTE piece of, uh, junk seems pretty sturdy. For example, it’s managed to grace the brick wall at a relatively high rate of speed. Thrice. And it still works! Well, as much as it works, per se.

Of course it’s going to take some time to setup the iPhone. After all, there’s a ginormous backup to restore from iCloud. Then get it talking to the carrier network. And then a nappie doo curled up around it and tell it how much I missed having a real phone.