Originally written March 2015

Saint Stevens church in Livonia Michigan holds an IRISH festival every year. The finest Fish -n-Chips and what my militant Irish grandfather used to call “Boiled Englishman” are served up on a proper, paper, platter. ….. “Boiled Englishman?” That’d be Corned Beef and Cabbage to the un-initiated.

They had two entertainment tents.  {Along with several  “GOTTA HAVE” Irish oriented crap tents.}  We did pictures with the Leprechaun and Nessie, the Loc Ness monster.  Of course dinner Friday evening was a shared order of the surprisingly good Fish-n-Chips. 

At the “Celtic Rock” tent a three piece combo was playing.  The drummer / guitar guy; was playing an electronic bass drum and a Martin guitar exactly like my newest Martin.  For the guitar he was using the Fishman {think Martin electronics} amplifier.  This is a piece of equipment I have seriously thought of acquiring.  

The Fishman amp is small, light weight, {about twelve pounds here} designed for acoustic guitar, and has a dedicated channel with electronic feedback elimination for the vocal microphone. [The mic channel includes separate tone controls, phantom power, (Seriously good mics like my Sterling need that) and reverb.]

I found the result a little disappointing. The guitar sound was just about the same as I get from my Fender amp with that guitar. At guitar center, in their dream room, I always thought that the Fishman was better than that, being more suitable for the acoustic instrument. The irish dude was not using the voice feature. Still for $300.00 the little Fishman amp appears to be a good choice for a one man band type. {Ummm …… since I haven’t paid side men in better than thirty years I guess I am now a one man band type.}

It would be very realistic to play a guitar, use the electronic bass drum with the right foot, an electronic high hat cymbal with the left foot, wear a harmonica around the neck, and use a vocal mic.  Sort of a one man band approach.  Then I could entertain the living snaught out of myself ad nausium.

Chances are that as I am doing this Barbara will be out shopping, shopping, SHOPPING. ………. (_!_) since I am my favorite guitar player; WELL ….. So why not?