Originally written April 2016

I have a new guitar toy. It is a “TRIO” box.

What it does is that; with a properly tuned guitar, I will play a chord pattern. When It is time to repeat the pattern I tip toe the button and while I keep playing it adds a drum and a bass guitar part.

Don’t know the limitations yet but it works very well in 4/4 time with simple chord patterns. It goes a tad nuts’o if the guitar is out of tune. I have not tried 3/4 or 5/4 time yet.

I have not challenged it with other than major, minor, and seventh chords yet. Since ninth, eleventh, and thirteenth chords are built on another octave this could result in some serious strangeness. Then think minor seventh, major sixth, major seventh. Could be kind of a mess. If it is I can just play the simple version the first tie around and use my, confuse the other guitar players jazz stuff after the learn mode is off.

The drum parts are relatively complete with fills and turn arounds in all the right places. The bass part is simple but, so far, spot on. Since I played for years with Tom Parker, drummer, and Lou Terry, bass guy I am very much at home with this.

Of course I bought it and never need to pay it again as I did Tom and Lou. And with Tom and Lou a relative tuning was fine on the guitar.