Originally written August 2012

Most folks that actually play well prefer Martin. Taylor, or Gibson branded acoustic instruments. However the selection of a guitar is an intensly personal thing. I never picked up a Taylor guitar that I liked but a lot of excellent players will play nothing else. Elvis Pressley often played Gibson’s at his concerts. The truth is that I have not seen a truly bad new guitar in a music store for years.

However it is not what you play that is important but how you play it. Truth is that I can supply an excellent instrument to learn a few chords on and find if this is something that one would actually enjoy doing.

My own bad habit started innocently enough when I was supplied a concert bass to play with in grade school. I was twelve when I started guitar lessons with my new Harmony brand instrument. I was probably ten or eleven years old when the Redford Boys Club brought in a voice coach to teach us young’ns to sing, a process that actually lasted for some months. I played my guitar in a high school music class for three years. Gene Fenby was the school music department head. Fenby did not play a guitar but he was very strong on music theory.