Originally written May 2018

The session last night was excellent.  Rick did come and, for the first time with this aggregation did play.  

Broke up a little after ten.  

One person that had never been there told me that he thinks I may be able to play a little blues style “stuff”.  So I played “Hey Joe”.   That was greeted with a rousing “Holy Shit; Hendrix !!”

We had seven players, all good.

Rick did several of his songs.  Of course he credits them to somebody else. 

Tom has his voice back.  Mark again treated us to a rather ghastly tune called “Snake Farm”.   ( It’s WORSE than it sounds )

All in all a good evening.   Here’s wishing that you was there.

The neighbor is having a BBQ this evening. I am bringing a day without eating appetite and a very fancy bowl of nuts.