My shortest review ever?

It’s like they took all the worst aspects of Shazam, Dawn of Justice, Titans, Doom Patrol, and Green Lantern, and ran the tropes into the ground. Oh, and The Suicide Squad.

I now see why Warner Bros. can only afford to release one movie a year. Lots of great graphics. Some decent acting, just not by The Rock. And a total 💩 story. Honestly, Mike Chikliss would’ve done a much better job. Even Pee Wee Herman would’ve been an improvement.

Come to think of it, Peter Dinklage would’ve been a great Black Adam. At least the movie would’ve been funny. He’s a brilliant actor who can bring fun into any situation.

For reals, I really wish they would’ve released Aquaman II, instead. Maybe they’re too busy replacing what’s her face in every scene?

Anywayz, in case the above is unclear, I feel like my Happy Birthday to Me movie was a waste of this honored tradition.