Why, yes, Why an Old Fart Bought an Apple Watch Ultra was just published. For reals, though, there are already new updates y’all might be interested in.

For starters, there’s the young couple who’s iPhone 14 automatically contacted 911 so that they could be rescued.

Apparently the fall detection is one minute, and the crash detection is 20 seconds. Either way, that’s pretty damn fast, imo.

But what’s this got to do with the Watch Ultra? It’s the exact … same … feature.

Knowing that the code in my new watch is the same bit of functionality that saved a young couple out in the boondocks where they likely would’ve perished after weeks of slow starvation and weather exposure kinda makes me feel really good about buying this little beauty.

Then I came across this gem of an article about a knockoff watch out of India called a Pebble. A new Pebble, not the one bought out by FitBit.

For $39, you can get a watch that looks almost identical to the Ultra, and does most of what an Apple Watch 3rd generation did, including a dearth of water protection.

In case you’re wondering, the Ultra is the best of the best of the 8th generation.

Oh, and, I bought this really amazing band that looks f’awesome with the titanium casing. Non-affiliate link because the oooo-aaahhh factor is underwhelming in this photo

Anodized watch band on an Apple Watch Ultra


While it fits the 49mm watch size, the fancy little magnets that keep the loop closed are overwhelmed by the weight. Meaning I certainly wouldn’t wanna wear it to go deep sea diving, but it’s ok for around the house as long as I fiddle with the band every hour or two. But what did I expect for $8? 😆