My bestie didn’t know what Reiki is. So I tried to explain it. As with every description I’ve ever heard, it fell short. Especially since she’s not much of an energies person.

Then she asked, “but does it work, I mean, does it do anything? Will it help Drood?” Yes, this is a paraphrase of a longer conversation.

Oh, and who’s Drood? Well, he’s her oldest sister’s beautiful boy. He’s half malamute and half wild. And he’s made of love and kisses.

Unfortunately, nowadays he’s also made of cancer. He’s over 12, now, so surgery and treatments will just make his remaining time even more painful. So they’re on a very strict feeding and medication schedule, and he seems mostly happy.

He has not yet told us he’s ready to go.

I went to visit Drood last week. He was having a relatively good day, and seemed happy to see me. Afterall, I’ve been told that I’m one of his favorite people.

Us humans talked and chowed down on Drood’s mom’s holiday cookies. Snagged her rumball recipe cuz, day-umm, I could eat those babies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the daily.

Then the question of whether I was going to Reik him (not a valid term, I know, it’s a me thing). I mentioned that I don’t do that without express permission, and both sisters pretty much said some variation of affirmative in unison,

Now, keep in mind, they’re sisters. The only other thing they do in unison is bitch at each other 😂

They guided him to his bed, and I sat on the floor next to him. This was difficult for me to do, but come on. This is for Drood! I just gotta be comfy enough to do the things with the stuffs.

Keep in mind that I’ve started Reiki training but have not yet completed it. By like, a lot.

So I did the best I could to pull the negative out of him, which took at least five mintutes. It felt like there was a lotta lot. Finally got to the point that I could start sending some love & healing in.

And for reals, he wriggled forward and … started playing with his toys! Apparently he hasn’t felt well enough to do this for quite some time. Oh my gosh, we all had tears in our eyes. Ok, I did, and am guessing that they did, too.

After a bit, the elder sister asked me how to do it. She’s a bit more of an energies person than her baby sister (who’s over 60; it’s all relative), but still not a heckuva lot, so I gave her the crash course of just plain old energy manipulation without all the extra reiking bits.

I haven’t heard how it’s going and am choosing to think that no news is good news. Well, ok, the younger sister told my hi and Merry Christmas from him, but not like, oh, he’s getting reiked all the time and it seems to be helping.

Dogs do not have a placebo effect.

Whether he was reading my energy or his mom’s, or was actually getting some good energies in, he felt a big boost. Quite frankly, him feeling a bit better is all that matters, regardless of where the energy comes from.

So. Does Reiki work? I’d say so, yes.