Lemme just say that it’s hard to figure out which day this goes on. Is it a health thing? For the pups? A review? Something I learned the hard way?

Anywayz, it’s going into whichever category has the fewest articles in the scheduler. So. Movin’ on.

I bought this little gadget on sale for a whopping $99, and it’s life-changing. Especially for Squiggles! (non-affiliate link)

Tried it on myself first, of course. It stopped the mid-back muscle spasm pain almost instantly. Nothing stops this, not even muscle relaxants. Or the super-duper massage chair. Sometimes a lengthy PT massage helps. A bit. Sometimes.

This little beauty, however, stopped it in seconds.

Yep. Seconds.

Granted the spasm ouchies started coming back about 10-15 minutes later. Another ten minutes or so after that, they’re starting to calm down again, thank goodness.

Next time I’ll try keeping the light in this area longer to see if that extends how long the better feels happen. Or maybe not cuzza the boomerang thing going on at the mo’.

Next I tried it on my spine. That took a minute or so for the thoracic breakage area to calm down to a minor squawk, and another minute for the low-back’s fusion area.

Then I tried it on my right hip. The one that makes walking so stiff and cumbersome. That baby took almost two minutes. Totally fine with that, cuz walking now! And finding out just how much the knees and ankles are, as the doctors put it, “involved.” Guess I’ll be doing those next time, too.

Now, for the real test. See, dogs don’t have the placebo effect. They aren’t in a double-blind study’s control group taking a sugar pill. Humans, however, think it might be a pain reliever and convince themselves they feel better.

Tried Squiggles’ hips. At first she was all like, hey, wtf you doin’ back there?! Then she was like, oh, hey, keep doin’ that. Then she started moving and wriggling to put different areas under the light!

Then, oh my effing dog, this is so f’awesome … she jumped up onto the couch without using her step stool, like a brand new doggy!

Lastly, tried it on Taz’s shoulder that’s starting with the arthritis already. Same as Squiggs at first, but then you could tell the puppy was feeling better cuz he started running and bouncing around the room, then slammed into me, smothering my face with frantic kisses.

I can’t be sure, but I think that means he liked it?

Now, just a couple things about it, though:

  • I put a piece of paper around it so it didn’t shine into curious doggo faces
  • The battery case needs some super-double-secret magic gesture to open, which is less than ideal if your hands are the ouchy bits
  • Putting the battery into the lamp is like wrestling a gator
  • For reals, once you get the battery in, it sticks out a LOT and ya gotta Superman it to screw it shut, hopefully without accidentally pressing the power button
  • So, USE THE PROTECTION GOGGLES to insert and remove the batteries (this is the bit I learned the hard way)
  • There seems to be a bit of a boomerang effect for the muscle areas at the moment, in that the spasms are tighter than before treatment (this is another bit of learning the hard way)
  • The bone areas are still pain & stiffness free about an hour post-treatment

To wrap up

I’m very glad this is in my pain-treatment arsenal. Hopefully it will mean less drugs, assuming I can keep using it without hurting my hands or eyes. The pain-relief treatment is very quick, whereas the healing treatment is supposed to take five minutes, which I’ve not tried (yet).

It works on humans and doggos, so be very careful about not getting the light in their eyes. Speaking of which, in case I haven’t mentioned it enough, USE THE PROTECTION GLASSES. Just sayin’.