Written before the voting resumed at 10pm last night cuz I gotta sleep sometime, ya know?

Just finished reading McCarthy’s concessions to the whiny babies holding our nation hostage. Ya know. The Explore Talent buffoons that manage to bloviate using well-rehearsed, plainly worded sound bites to rile The Base.

Seriously, when Margarine Traitor-Greede is a beacon of wisdom and clear thinking, the party has gone horribly off the rails.

But then. It turns out I agree with some of these concessions. At least in theory.

Motion to vacate: They want to lower the call to remove the House Speaker to one member. It was down five over New Year’s weekend. Which was already lowered from half of the GOP conference.

Why would these baby Karens want this? Simple. Control. If any of them think McCarthy isn’t fulfilling his promises to them, they’ll gleefully throw a temper tantrum and throw everything into disarray again.

Floor vote to establish term limits for all House lawmakers.

Wholeheartedly agree with the concept. I’m also fairly certain their implementation will suck stinky, sweaty donkey balls.

Floor vote on a border security plan crafted by Texas Republicans.

I’ll take “Things that can’t possibly go wrong” for $600, please, Alex. Or in this case, $6,000,000,000.

Bring up 12 regular appropriations bills individually.

Again, in theory I like both of these. Bringing up appropriations (funding) bills on a regular schedule without a looming government shut down sounds like a good idea.

But. See Holman rule below.

Have an open amendment process.

I also like the idea of an open amendment process to decrease these pork barrel, backroom deals with sneaky language. For example, if there’s a bill up for discussion to make littering on interstate highways a capital crime, language to ban selling crimson wigs on Tuesday afternoons in Bumtruck, Arkansas shouldn’t have to be included just to secure Tom Cotton’s vote.

But I doubt that this is what these Qarens have in mind. At all. I mean, the idea that backroom deals will be lessened by a backroom deal kinda says it all.

Create a subcommittee on, “Weaponization of the Federal Government,” under the House Judiciary Committee.

Yay! They’re gonna investigate 45’s admin’s corruption and abuses! Oh, wait.

Require 72 hours from release of final bill text before a vote on the House floor.

Ha! As if these asshats actually read bills anyway. Truth be told, though, the time from hush-hush meetings to floor can make it seem as if neither party wants the other side (or constituents) to find the phuckery until it’s too late.

Oh, and I the only one thinkin’ that someone who needed four tries to get her GED isn’t very likely to read, let alone comprehend, a 1,000 page or longer, legalese loaded bill in three days.?

Personally, I’d also like them to stop their unethical reliance on non-governmental bills. For example, bloated tomes from the Heritage think tank inherently include lots of right-wing phuckery in a way that makes decoupling clauses nigh impossible. They also use phrasing specifically designed to be too expensive or convoluted to implement that then need new legislation (from them?) to fix.

Bring back the Holman rule, which allows members to propose appropriations amendments that cut federal worker salaries or program funding to $1.

In theory, this could be a great tool to quickly get rid of prior pork barrel abuses, but I doubt that’s what this particular Qrew has in mind.

Regressives want increased representation on influential committees.

Of course these f’idiots are too ignorant and brattish to know or care that this isn’t part of the Speaker’s role. Sure, McCarthy can make suggestions and/or be involved in closed door deals, but it’s actually up to the GQP Steering Committee.