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American politics is 45’s semi-scripted “Reality TV” show run amok. Now we have at least 20 GQP’s playing politician for the biggest response in terms of shock & wtf with heavy doses of hootin’ & hollerin’.

While GOP’s been spiraling ever deeper into this toxic modus operandi for more than two decades, it feels especially applicable after this whole Speaker fiasco. Afterall, the toddler Qrew likely believe their recent shenanigans are justified by their need to rile up The Base with memorized sound bites.

Clearly Explore Talent‘s Israeli oligarch taught them well because now his little crisis actors are on one of the world’s biggest stages. Not to mention dozens more at the State and local levels, some of whom also made it into the international news.

And yes, the world is definitely watching.

Back to McCarthy’s trials. I mean triumphant win.

It’s one thing for Boebert to stick to her convictions, but quite another to repeat the same four or five sentences in response to every question posed by every interviewer across multiple networks over several days. I also think it’s hilarious that this mini-soliloquy was repeatedly met with verbal eye rolling and/or consternation. Yes, even Sean Hannity.

All these pew-pew lovin’, QAnon spewin’, and Big Lie screechin’ bobbleheads know how to do is be good little parrots for their authoritarian overlords. For now. This speaker thing shows that these folks are outgrowing their dearest leader. Speaking of things that can’t go wrong.

But I digress. Again.

As good little crisis actors, they do red-faced anger and poor-me angst fairly well. And getting better on the daily, it seems.

It’s like 45’s releasing a new show sometime this year called, “The Apprentice – DC edition”. If NBC won’t pick it up, I’m sure one of his pals will put it on their platforms. </snarkasm>

First, let’s clarify that, yes, this is definitely different than C-SPAN. For starters, C-SPAN usually only covers the big rooms, not the deals or crying jags or whining in the backrooms. Second, C-SPAN, if I recall correctly, is funded by taxpayers, meaning The Don and his friends can’t yank profits from the watching eyeballs.

But just imagine the fun these Regressives will have!

I’m envisioning something like Faux News + The Apprentice + Bannon, Rogan, and Jones + a bit of Tammie Faye’s begging for Jeebus.

The Base will tune in 24/7, throwing money at sponsors and beggars. Sure the audience will complain on cue about Dems’ high tax rates, with none of the irony about self-inflicted taxation by means of feeding the rich who, well, won’t pay taxes.

Oh, the amygdalae will be buzzin’ with delight! Other than a few biohazard concerns, The Libs can use The Base’s overtaxed reptilian centers to toast marshmallows.

I may watch a snippet of Gym crying, cuz “Margie mean!” Wait. Nope. But some giggling may occur should such headlines occur.

I’m thinkin’ it’s time to buy Stay Puft stock.