Written by Stacia Kane
Narrated by Bahni Turpin

Unholy Magic

Story Synopsis
Chessaria, the oversexed drug-addicted church-witch protagonist, is still going hot & heavy with the enforcer for one drug lord because she can’t handle the emotions of her overwhelming lovey feels for the other drug lord’s enforcer. All of this is the sexy romp undercurrent while she investigates a Hollywood star’s home’s haunting, and the self-entitled rich people drama.

Unholy Magic is the followup book to Unholy Ghosts, which was the first book of a series called the Downside Ghosts. Which is basically an urban fantasy with some fervent sex scenes.

The first book had much better pacing, and the first book’s narration was impeccable. This second narration, however, was nowhere near as good, at least in the beginning. As if Ms. Turpin didn’t feel well. And the production was definitely lower quality. The first book sounded like a single, cohesive recording. This second book, on the other hand, sometimes sounded like each sentence was recorded at a different time with different recorder settings.

The story wasn’t as fun or as well written. But to be clear, so many pieces fell into place for the first one.

Upon reading the reviews, it seemed like a lot of folks who didn’t like the first book didn’t even bother with the second. Like me, many who enjoyed the first book were also disappointed by this second book.

City of Ghosts

Story Synopsis
Chessaria is trying to figure out her emotions about Terrible catching her and Lex in the graveyard, and then saving Terrible’s life by committing a catastrophic crime. This push-me/pull-you between the two drug lord enforcers once again added tension to the main story. This time she was again fighting the Lomaru (sp) from the first book.

The writing was a bit better for City of Ghosts than it was in Unholy Magic but still not as tight as it had been in Unholy Ghosts. This third book has way too many instances of the epitome of lazy writing, “but I don’t have a choice.” Closely followed by the other cardinal sin of writing, “she deserved it.”

I get that Chessaria is a fucked up little puppy, and needs to grow some emotional intelligence, but sheesh. And even worse, The Church of Truth is starting to sound like an abusive partner. I’m getting ready to duct tape the fucking church to the wall. Oops.

Oh, and the narration and production quality drops off a bit, between the first and second books.

The main sex scene, however, was the hottest yet in the series. On the one hand, the speedy narration made it fly hot and furious, adding to the passionate writing. On the other, just maybe slowing down to savor the moments would’ve been ok, too.

I’m pleased to read that she & Terrible are getting back together, thank goodness. These two need to be together. I really hope they both learn some adulting relationship skills.

How many more books are there in this series? This might take awhile.