For. Reals. I thought Twitch was just for game streaming. Yeah, I’m late to the party, and only just discovered the DJ types this year.

And now I know why people keep telling me I gotta go to Germany.

I’m following DJs from Germany, France, South America, New Zealand, the UK, and Canada. Oh, and one from the USA just to round out the pack.

For reals, these folks play music to feed my dark little soul. They make my black heart sing. Which of course riles up the dogs and I get pounced on, and then Taz starts singing.

How loud is he? Let’s just say the Apple Watch Ultra says my singing volume is somewhere around (or above) a lawn mower. The puppy’s voice is way louder. And only a couple inches from my eardrums. But somehow keeping earplugs in – to listen to music – to block out the dog’s singing – sounds so very, well, it sounds like abuse of both music and dog.

I also love the interaction with the content providers. If I put an absinthe bottle in the chat, the DJ drinks. I’m not jealous. At all. I live in America, the home of the pansies. We have 3% beer and lots of guns. Germans have real absinthe and the autobahn.

Neither citizenry should do both at the same time. But we do. Cuz, ‘murriKKKa.

I hate it here.

Time for the rant. Cuz ya had to know this was coming. Stay with me here. Hopefully I’ll remember to tie it all together at the end.

A friend used to say, “I blame the Puritans.” He’d say it whenever some stupid law or radically enforced regressively repressive societal norm got in the way of living a fun, fulfilling life.

He said it at least once a day. Usually several times, actually. Oftentimes he’d also tip a glass at history and giggle. Kinda like a big fudge you.

Today my fudge you to our fearful leaders is taking legally prescribed pain killers. Why? Because doctors are so scared of the government’s insistence to ban everything someone maybe might sorta kinda wanna abuse someday.

My new primary care physician wants to taper me off of tramadol. As if somehow taking, on average, one every three days is excessive. Hello, clue-bus? We haz a passenger for ya. As my pain specialist said, “that’s nothing,” and promptly wrote up a new script.

Let’s dive into how this whole medication thing went off the rails.

Keep in mind that the Founding Fathers grew hemp (which was later pushed out by tobacco), huffed snuff, and smoked everything they could light. Oh, and drank like Micks. I can say that cuz I’m Irish. And Czech, but who’s counting. Speaking of which, did you know that the word Vodka literally means Water? Which is why Russian-area nations drink vodka like, well, like water.

More on the founders coming soon, I promise.
When it’s ready, the article will be found here.


But Drugs are Bad, Though?

Then the 60s and 70s happened. Suddenly Nixon was touting his little war on drugs, which as far as I can tell was just an excuse to jail uppity citizens, like, black people wanting equality, college students and professors expanding their minds, and feminists.

Practically overnight, all the drugs women relied on to survive the patriarchy were made illegal. Like methamphetamines.

Seriously, have you heard how hard that 💩 is to kick? Imagine every suburban housewife as far as the eye could see going cold turkey at the same time.

Golly, if that didn’t make the ladies even more uppity. It’s like these rich, old, white men had no clue how life worked.

Oh. Oops. Movin’ on.

Oh, wait! He’s playing the song I asked for, HU. Epic!