Yeah, I’m pretty twisted. I thought this movie was pretty freakin’ hilarious. Guess which generation I’m in:

As Seen on Twitter on November 25th, 2022

David Harbour almost plays a conflicted guy, except there’s no layers. He plays each scene perfectly for what it is, but doesn’t seem to have the other emotions roiling underneath. Instead, the film relies on cut scenes for the audience to figure out he’s conflicted.

Kinda makes me wonder. Is Santa just really, really good at masking? Is that why he’s allegedly so damn jolly all the time? Just curious.

Anywayz. There are so many hilarious lines from the film. Like the bartender saying she hoped he didn’t have to drive anywhere, and his response was something about him steering a little, but mainly it was up to the reindeer.

Yeah, I’m not doing this line justice. At all.

Ok, so there’s this other line about Jean-Claude Van-Dipshit. That line (and so many others) were just as funny when rewatching the film. Violent Night also pays homage to quite a few holiday movies.

Unfortunately the movie includes the unrealistic trope of mommy & daddy getting back together, as if everything works out and divorce is just a temporary misunderstanding. This movie takes it a step further, though. Not only do the sweet little girl’s parents get back together, there’s a pretty big hint that just maybe Mr. & Mrs. Claus do, too.

I’ve enjoyed watching this film a couple times now, and look forward to see it some even more over the years. Cuz. Let’s face it, non-sappy holiday movies are hard to find.