Note to self: When naming an adorable new puppy, don’t think something like TazMan (for Tasmanian Devil, cuz energy), is “just a joke.”

(It’s Morning! Oh My Effing Dog, Wake Up! It’s Morning!!)

He’s three years old, coming up on four. From the looks of things, he’ll grow out of this about a month before he’s ready for the Rainbow Bridge.

Nowadays he’s TazMonkey, which doesn’t seem to make much difference.

And that’s ok, because I know loves me. Ok, he loves the breakfast he’s about to get. Which is from me. So he loves me.

(I’m not talking, you’re talking.)

See? He just wants a hug 😆.

Also … yes, all that redness is way better than it had been. We’re working on it! The fur finally started to grow back (and staying) around thanksgiving. It’s from wearing a collar for a few hours over a year ago. Just a regular collar. Black Mouth Curs are amazing dogs, and known to have health issues.