One thing about being disabled and being a caregiver for someone even more disabled is that cleaning can be quite urgent, and very difficult to do. An easy way to work around this annoying set of needs is to use disposables. Ya know, like plastic tableware and paper plates.


I also wanna be as environmentally responsible as possible.

Finally, there’s compostables. Yep. Single-use dishes and cutlery that can be tossed into yard waste bags. The cost is a bit higher than conventional disposables, but still a lot less than hiring someone to be here everyday, which is nigh impossible to find these days anyway.

An added bonus is that the tableware stands up to the dishwasher and can be re-used, thank goodness. It’s also nice to know they’ll breakdown in the trash dump, as well.

A bit of a bummer, though, is that the plates and bowls can get a bit soggy when used in the microwave. For these moments, the palm-leaf variety seems to stand up a bit better. A quick word of caution … do not use the tableware in the microwave. We’ve ended up with several melted spoons and forks this way. The good news on this is that they’re made out of sugar cane fibers, so the food might have some added flavoring, but nothing dangerous.

Yes, we’ve tried the bamboo utensils, but it always seems to taste and feel like I’m eating with toothpicks.

Oh, and we can’t forget about cups. We tried compostable cups, but found them to be rather flimsy, especially when using warm liquids. And they warp with hot liquids. Next we’ll try these reusable, compostable drink pouches.

What have you tried? How did it work out?