By all accounts, save one, the former White House tenant would consider me as part of his base. I’m white, middle-aged, live in the Midwest, from a Republican household, and am not part if the population that gets to enjoy in the spoils of our nation’s economic success.

However, I’m not an 1D10T.

I recognize Fux Noose and other wrong-winged pundits as the propaganda machines they are. And I pay attention to both sides.

And that’s the problem.

Lincoln stated that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

And yet, the party of Lincoln, the republicans, are actively striving to divide our nation for political power and monetary gain.

There are no sides.

If you rejoice with one party and shame the other, you’re part of the problem, and you’re the one who needs to go back to where you (or your ancestors) came from.

Don’t let the ocean hit you on the butt on your way out!

But what does this have to do with hopelessness? Quite a bit, actually.

In November 2016, when my father and extended family helped elect don ala’range, I stated that I might as well slit my wrists because my own loved ones made it obvious that I am not welcome on this planet.

And it got worse every day Velveeta Voldemort was in office. The fact that he his ilk are not being held accountable will be seen in the history books as the slow-moving nail in our nation’s coffin.

Thankfully my father has seen the error in thinking TFG was a good candidate. Unfortunately, extended family members have not, and continue to support the lies. The same vitriol is still being spewed to stir up The Base. And that IQ45 and his poop lickers are actively planning to make this more blatant and commonplace as the 2024 election approaches.

Ya know, as in the 1D10Ts living life through their amygdalas, not using their brains.

And no, I’m not saying all republicans are 1D10Ts. I’m saying The Base is all 1D10Ts. Just that anyone voting in Traitor-Greene, Boobert, deathSantis, McConnell, et al, are. And that’s a hella lotta people.