Been awhile, yes, I know. A lot happening. Some good, some, well, not so much. Some will probably appear on here. Eventually.

With everything going on, my depression has been ever-present and often overwhelming. The new blog name is to better state how my life is now. And quite frankly, the other name, From Me, To You, was more like a spur of the moment thing, not really planned.

But what specifically triggered the change now, you may ask?

Simple. Yesterday the city police messaged everyone, and I mean every single citizen here, about a suicide situation. It stated that people in the area needed to stay indoors, and no one should visit the area. And this situation lasted for almost 11 hours!

While no other details are available, including how this was resolved, this incident brought up a lot of stuff for me. It woke me up to the underpinnings of my moods, and so now I have to address or repress them.

We’ve pretty much proven that neither works, further rooting the hopelessness into the fiber of my very soul. And so, I’ll share this journey in the hopes that it may help others with their travels through this rotten landscape.

If you or someone you know is (or you think is) depressed and would like some insight, please subscribe, and just maybe, hope can arrive to someone, if not me.

picture from Team Blind