By Thalia Thorne, on Audible (and Amazon),

Ya know when a book pops into your life just when you need it? Yep, that’s this book for me.

The introduction could’ve been describing my life, so I was really looking forward to the rest of the audiobook.

The first few chapters were an excellent distillation of Witchery basics. I like to read/listen to these just to make sure the author and I are on the same page as to what’s what before digging into the how-to.

And I’m so glad I did! I was laughing and nodding my head quite a bit, and several times I was all like, huh, never thought of it like that.

The spell steps were clearly explained, as was the why, which is very helpful when customizing the spells for a specific situation.

The only narrator error I heard was the vinegar jar spell, it seemed like a step or two was repeated. Otherwise the reader was excellent. Her pacing was pretty good. She was still easy to understand when the recording was sped up during the intro chapters, and remained pleasant when slowed for new information.

Her voice was very calming, and I slept through chapter four the first time through. But that could be how stressed and off-the-chain busy I’ve been. Which is why I need this book, by the way.

Lastly, I was hoping for a PDF of the spells, but if it’s included on Audible, I can’t find it.

A complimentary copy was provided for this unbiased review.